Baptism Enquiries at St Benet's

1. Baptism in the Parish of St Benet’s, Netherton

You are very welcome here at St Benet’s and it’s great news that you want to have your child baptised. Passing on your faith to your child is one of the greatest gifts that you can give them. Baptism welcomes your child into the Christian family in the Roman Catholic Church.

To have your child baptised at St Benet’s one parent must be a baptised Roman Catholic, (proof of this may be required), and you must live within the parish boundary.

Baptism is a day of celebration for your family. It is also a celebration for our Parish family. When you ask to have your child baptised you will be asked to come to Mass on a regular basis and take part in the life of our Catholic community. Parents, child and Godparents if possible, are asked to come along.

2. Choosing Godparents

When children are baptised they are often too young to commit to being Christians themselves. The parents of the child promise to bring him or her up to know about Jesus and their faith. Godparents promise to help the parents carry out this duty in any way they can, largely by setting a good example for the child to follow.

Only Catholics over the age of 16 may be Godparents at Catholic baptisms. Other Christians may stand as Christian Witnesses (the equivalent of godparents), but must be baptised themselves, (proof of this may be required), they will also be asked to make the profession of faith with you.

There may be 2, 3 or 4 Godparents.

3. When do Baptisms take place?

Baptisms are celebrated on Sunday mornings at 12.30pm - After the main Mass at 11.00am to which you and your guests are encouraged to attend.

All baptisms are held at St Benet’s church and the service lasts about half an hour.

4. How is Baptism celebrated?

Baptism is a rich and ancient ceremony. The priest will guide you through the celebration, so that you and your guests can fully take part. The ceremony makes rich use of SYMBOLS. First among these is WATER, which is a symbol of new life: it washes away the old in order to give birth to the new; it is also a symbol of resurrection - as we rise from the water it reminds us of Christ rising from the tomb.

We also use HOLY OIL - namely the Oil of Catechumens, which is used to prepare us for baptism, and the Sacred Chrism, the holy oil which proclaims that we are part of Christ, the Anointed One.

We also use LIGHT, in the form of the presentation of a lighted candle, with the words "Receive the light of Christ”.

A simple SHELL is used to pour the water over the child in the name of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT. The shell symbolises the beginning of the child’s Christian pilgrimage.

Finally a WHITE GARMENT is used, to show the clothing of ourselves in Christ by means of this Sacrament.

5. Is there a fee?

There is no fee for the Sacrament of Baptism.

Any donations however, can be handed to Fr Bruce on the day. Please support your Church as generously as you can. We depend on what people give us to keep the Church going. Thank you.

6. Baptism is only the beginning.

Please think about enrolling your child at our local Catholic School - St Benedict’s, where they will learn more about their faith and will be educated in a caring and Christian environment. For more details please contact the school office: 0151 526 6423

Please bring your child to Mass regularly so that they can grow up knowing that God loves them and that they are part of the Catholic family. Little Church takes place every Sunday at 11.00am during term time.

Make sure that your home has a book of Bible stories that your child can look at as they learn to read. Teach them to say their prayers. Children’s bibles and prayer books are available to purchase at the Piety Stall.

Baptism is only the beginning of a journey. It is the first of the Sacraments to be received. We hope that your child will also choose to make their First Confession and First Holy Communion while they are at primary school.

If you would like to learn about your faith, becoming a Catholic or getting married in Church please talk to

Fr Bruce who will be very happy to answer your questions and help in any way he can.

7. How do I book a Baptism

You must attend mass for at least 12 weeks before your baptism application form is filled in and any date for the baptism can be confirmed.

Mass times are:

Saturday evening - 6.30pm

Sunday morning - 9.00am

Sunday morning - 11.00am

There is also a daily mass at 9.00am on weekdays but this may sometimes vary. Check on the Parish Newsletter.

After you have attended church for 12 weeks please contact the Parish Office and an appointment will be made for you to meet with Fr Bruce and fill in the required forms and choose the preferred date for the baptism.

Please remember that some dates may already be booked.

Children who are over 7 years old must also have some preparation themselves before the baptism takes place. So please let us know if your child will be over 7 at the time of baptism.

Godparents should be consulted before the application is filled in and their full name provided.

The Parish Secretary is Mrs Maureen Davies and she can be contacted on 0151 520 2600 during office hours.

leaflet with all this information is available in church.