Agenda for the Parish Council meeting to be held on

Friday 27th September 2019 at 7pm

Opening Prayer



Matters arising from minutes

Discussion points

Pastoral Area Update

Quarant Ore

Harvest Festival

Sacramental programme

St. Raymond’s

Faith in Action

Welcome Booklet

Essential Building work and repairs at St. Benet’s church

Arrangements for October

Christmas – over 80’s party

Parish Groups - Bereavement group - Stars of Remembrance and November Mass - RCIA Programme etc.

Carol Service

Christmas Mass times


Date of next meeting

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on

4th July 2019 

Opening Prayer


Fr. Bruce (Fr. BW), Bernadette Carr (BC), Margaret Bridson (MB), Pat Beatty (PB).


 Maureen Davies (MD); Anne Allerton (AA); Anne and Jim Flynn (AF,JF) Marian Webb (MW), Cathy Smith (CS), Veronica Morrison (VM)

Minutes Approved  

Approved: PB   Seconded: BC

The meeting was a re-arranged meeting from June 14th to follow the SYNOD meeting of 4th July. Only 4 members were able to attend so a formal meeting did not take place. The following points were discussed.

Work in Reordering the Church

Over the past months Vinnie Carr has worked extremely hard on reordering the benches in the main church and making additional altar furniture from the wood reclaimed from the benches. This includes 3 presidential chairs for the high altar - one especially for the Archbishop. The side chapel has been completely fitted out with new, smaller benches and a completely new altar again using the reclaimed wood. Other additions were a table in the same design which was used for the Statue of Our lady at the May procession and has numerous other uses which fully co-ordinate with the rest of the furniture. All this has been completed to an exceptionally high standard and we extend our sincere thanks to Vinnie for the skill, time and hard work he has given to complete this amazing project. Vinnie has always been happy and willing to tackle many other refurbishments and day to day repairs over the years which have avoided inconvenience and expense for the parish for which we are also very grateful. Thank You Vinnie.

Faith in Action

PB gave her report on the progress of the Faith in Action Programme. More than 1,000 young people received awards this summer. The archbishop is fully supportive of this programme and this has become a very positive programme in St. Benet’s church and in St. Benedict’s school. The moderators commented on the powerful reviews from the young people and the positive feedback reflected this. The young people were presented with their certificates and pins on 2nd July. St. Benedict’s children will receive their awards on 17th July.


Two meetings have taken place to discuss preparations for the SYNOD and the meeting prior to the Parish Council Meeting consolidated the answers which were circulated to parishioners for their comments on the 4 key questions which form the basis of the archdiocesan discussions. A meeting in September will take place with all the Archdiocesan Synod Representatives. St. Benet’s will be represented by Clare and Sue.

Sacramental Programme

This has been very successfully and the First Holy Communion celebrations took place at the beginning of May. 32 children have completed the programme and received the sacrament of Reconciliation and their First Holy Communion.

Archbishop Malcolm’s Visit

This is confirmed for 14th and 15th September.

He will say all the masses that weekend and meet parishioners after the masses.

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on

29th March 2019 

Opening Prayer


Fr. Bruce (Fr. BW), Bernadette Carr (BC),Marian Webb (MW), Cathy Smith (CS), Anne Allerton (AA), Anne and Jim Flynn (AF,JF), Veronica Morrison (VM), Margaret Bridson (MB)


Pat Beatty (PB), Maureen Davies (MD)

Minutes Approved 

Approved: MW     Seconded: BC

Members were reminded of the need to maintain confidentiality until the meeting when the minutes were approved.

Matters Arising from the Minutes

Service of Dedication of trees outstanding

Statue of St. Raymond in place on main altar. Date to be agreed on for dedication of the Chapel

No progress yet on welcome Booklet

Visits by BW and Eucharistic Ministers to Sick and Housebound?

Points Discussed:-

Pastoral Area Updates

Two meetings had taken place to discuss the preparations for the Synod.

Faith in Action

PB provided a very positive written report on the progress of the Faith in Action programme in the Parish and in St. Benedict’s School.

The Parish Programme involves 8 young people working towards different stages on the Award.

Young people completed 2 Reflection points and showing a significant commitment to living out their faith with the work they have done in the parish and the wider community especially with the CAFOD ‘Water project’

St. Benedict’s Year 6 pupils are also involved and successful pupils will receive the ‘Pin Award’

The presentation of the Awards by Archbishop Malcolm will take place on June 27th at Hope University.

Synod 2020

The 2 Parish Representatives are Sue Stephenson and Sarah Beatty

They have attended information days and seminars run by the Archdiocese and are now raising awareness with informal meetings in the parish.

Feedback sheets have been distributed to all parishioners for them to comment on the 4 key questions which form the basis of the discussions.

St. Benedict’s school are also holding informal meetings to include parents, governors and teaching staff

Sacramental Programme

The Children’s Sacramental Preparation Programme continued in the Spring term with the 1st and 2nd Family meetings which were well attended leading up to the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Lent. On March 19th 31 children received the Sacrament with a further 1 child on the following Sunday.

Further meetings will be held before Easter with the Passover Celebration on Maundy Thursday.

The First Holy Communion celebrations are on 4th and 11th May at 10.30 at St. Benet’s

The attendance and engagement at the family meetings was excellent but we are hoping for a more consistent commitment from some families to attend the Sunday masses leading up to the reception of the First Holy Communion.

St. Raymond’s

St. Raymond’s now has the Decree of Closure from October 1st but St. Benet’s has the responsibility for Insurance and Security.

The responsibility therefore for dealing with the problems of the burst boiler had to be dealt with by the parish. Sincere thanks to Vinnie Carr and Matthew Stephenson for attending and dealing with this problem.

Essential Building Work and Repairs to St Benet’s Church

The essential building repair programme is continuing.

Start of alterations to main sacristy

Awaiting prices for replacement of windows in church

Alteration of kitchen and toilets to satisfy Health and Safety issues awaiting a price

Front entrance still needs attention.

Easter Services

Easter cards with the services for Holy Week and Easter at St. Benet’s were distributed to all parishioners.

Need to extend this to include the times of services in other local churches.

Fr. O’Reilly Trophies

It was agreed to adopt the names PB had nominated

Primary School Leavers - James and William

Secondary School Leaver - Emily

The Trophies will be presented at the Thanksgiving Mass.

The meeting scheduled for the 14th June was cancelled and replaced by a meeting to follow the SYNOD meeting on July 4th at 8.30pm.

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on

1st November 2018 

Opening Prayer

Present: Fr. Bruce (Fr. BW), Bernadette Carr (BC), Pat Beatty(PB), Marian Webb (MW), Cathy Smith (CS), Maureen Davies (MD), Anne Allerton (AA), Anne and Jim Flynn (AF,JF)

Apologies: Margaret Bridson (MB) and Veronica Morrison (VM)

Minutes approved; Approved: MW

Seconded: CS

It was agreed that the signed minutes would be published on the notice board in the church porch with copies for people to take if they wished.

Members were reminded of the need to maintain confidentiality.

Matters arising from the minutes.

Adjustment to Point 8: Faith in Action

“Parish Banner from FHC programme to be taken to the Awards Ceremony”

Ordination celebrations at the Cathedral and Father Philip Carr first Mass in St Benet’s: Point 6

A truly wonderful celebration of Father Phil’s ordination and first Mass. Dett and Vinnie Carr thanked the Parish and all the Parishioners for all their support.

Our thanks extended to Dett and Vinnie Carr for providing much needed refreshments on the journey to the Ordination of Father Philip which were so gladly received. We continue to keep Father Phil in our prayers.  

Points discussed

Pastoral Area Updates

Nothing to report as no meetings have taken place since last Parish Council meeting.

Quarante Ore

Well attended over the two days and our thanks extended to BC for all her hard work in preparing the Altar. Children from St Benedict’s spent time in quiet reflection, prayer and music in their visitation to the Blessed Sacrament. Fr. BW is considering opening the Church are more occasions throughout the year for quiet reflection and prayer to the Blessed Sacrament.

Holy Communion to the sick and Housebound.

As reported at the last meeting there are fewer Eucharistic Ministers now able to take out the Eucharist to the sick and housebound in the parish. A number of Eucharistic Ministers are sharing out the visits and in 2019 Fr. BW intends to visit the sick and housebound with Eucharistic Ministers

Sacramental Programme/ Little Church

Meeting between Catechists and School took place on 1st November and dates have been set for 2018 – 2019 programme. Fr.BW has put dates onto Parish website, Families invited to join this year’s programme with first Parents meeting scheduled for 15th November and Enrolment Mass taking place on 2nd December.

St. Raymond’s Church

Decree of official close St Raymond’s issued on 1st October. All Mass attendees received a copy of this decree. At present the Parish is still responsible for Insurance and security and Fr BW asked for all keys to be returned and ensure all items required by the Parish have been removed.

Faith in Action Programme

Awards ceremony in July well attended by the young people and their families from the Parish and St Benedict’s school.

Three young people attended Adoremus Youth Congress in September.

There are 9 young people who have signed up for this year’s programme and Reflection point one has already taken place. Reflection point 2 to take place on 18th November.

As a group they have focused this term supported Whitechapel centre homeless appeal “Christmas Bags for the Homeless” and appeals have been made at Mass and they have received great support from the Parishioners.

The young people will give regular updates at the Sunday Masses as part of their Reflections

PB is trying to encourage those who are 14+ to participate in Animate Eucharistic Ministry Training, CYMFED Youth event “Flame” and Archdiocese Youth Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Side Chapel

It was reported that side Chapel is being used more (Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, Reconciliation, and meetings)

FR. BW is looking to get new chairs but for the present chairs from FR. O ‘Reilly room are is situ. The Chapel to be dedicated to St. Raymond but no definite date decided. Statue of St Raymond is on order and will be placed on the right side of the main church altar (plinth already in place). It is planned that the crucifix from S.t Raymond’s would be placed on the wall behind the Altar in the side Chapel prior to dedication.


Exposition to the Blessed Sacrament was successful and every class from St Benedict’s came over to Church for quiet reflection.

Between 10 to 12 people attended the Congress from the Parish over the 2 days. Feedback received from the Youth who attended felt that it had been worthwhile. PB reported that the Friday was well attended and certainly the speakers” provided personal food for thought”. One speaker in particularly made a valid point relating to the teaching / understanding of the Eucharist and in particularly behaviours relevant to reverence. This was made more apparent this year in relation to Quarante Qre as some Parishioners asking for clarification. Agreed we need to look at use of terminology as well as helping people to grow in faith.

Chapel House

No further update from the meeting that took place on 24th June with Historic Chapels. Their interest lay with key holders and it was reported that there are none in the Parish.

Welcome Booklet

No progress to date

Essential Building work and repairs to St Benet’s Church

Toilets have now had a new floor and have been painted.

Link roof (Church to Fr. O’Reilly room) leak has now been fixed.

Work in the lower sacristy now complete (work services, sink, cupboards.) New table and chairs purchased. This kitchen area is used by Parish Sacristan, Parish Secretary and Cleaners, and meetings have also been held here.

Altar servers are now housed in the main sacristy.

Confessional has been closed and Fr.BW offers confession in side chapel or in the house depending on request.

Next phase would be alterations to the main sacristy.

All the trees have been planted and plaques have arrived. Service of dedication to be decided.

Awaiting Archdiocese Contractors to price replacement windows throughout the Church. Also, the front entrance needs looking at.

Cover for Masses when PP not available or on holiday

When PP is planning to go away the Parish Secretary contacts Priests. In relation to emergency cover the Dean is the first port of call.

Initiatives to tackle falling Mass numbers

Focus of the SYNOD, will await the outcome.

Fr. BW reported that before Christmas 5 Adults from the Parish will be received and confirmed. The group have been following a programme based on one provided by LACE.

Harvest Thanksgiving Mass

Reported all went well and all food donated to food bank.

Bereavement Mass 4th November

37 invitations have gone out to the bereaved families. Remembrance Mass this year moved to Sunday.

Caterer booked to provide light refreshments after Mass in the club.

Fr. BW to print booklets.

Over 80’s Party 5th December

MB has organised all printing of invitations, writing of cards ready for the event.

MD to cross reference list with names received to date and distribute invitations w/c 5th November. RSVP by 28/11/18 and MD to inform Jane, PB & MB of final numbers

MD to confirm with Jane re catering, timing for helpers to set up etc.

Members of Parish Council volunteered to help set up and serve.

Fr.BW and MD to organise finances relating to bingo prizes (£25) and £10 per card for distribution on the day.

PB with Mary to organise raffle prizes.

PB to confirm with school – timing of school choirs’ performance.

Carol Service 16th December

Organisation well under way.

Members of Parish Council volunteered to help with refreshments (Tea, Coffee)

PB to organise mince pies purchase.

PB asked if young people involved in FIA could be included as readers in the service.

Christmas services

Christmas Eve – Monday 24th December 7:30 Carols and Nativity. Mass at 8:00pm

Christmas Day and all Christmas week Mass at 10:00am

New Year Masses at 10:00am


AA reported that Woodlands as part of their Christmas dedications “Light up a Life” special mention has been made of Fr. Tom Leigh. AA to pass on details to MD to put into newsletter.

Date of Next Meeting.

Friday 29th March after Stations of the Cross 

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on

16th March 2018 

Opening Prayer

Present: Fr. Bruce (Fr. BW), Bernadette Carr (BC), Margaret Bridson (Chair) (MB), Pat Beatty(PB), Anne Allerton(AA), Marian Webb (MW), Cathy Smith (CS), Veronica Morrison (VM)

Apologies: Maureen Davies (MD)

Minutes approved; Approved: Bernadette Carr

Seconded: Marian Webb

It was agreed that the signed minutes would be published on the notice board in the church porch with copies for people to take if they wished.

Members were reminded of the need to maintain confidentiality.

Matters arising from the minutes.

Points discussed

Services in Advent and Christmas

Christmas services generally went well. The Service of Reconciliation had to be cancelled as directed by the Archbishop and because of the building issues which have resulted in the temporary closure of St. Raymond’s church all services over Christmas took place at St. Benet’s Church.

The Christmas Carol Concert was a great success and attendance was improved on last year. Thanks to the 2 choirs and those who were involved in decorating the church and organising the service.

Over 80’s Party: Wed 6th Dec.

The Party was a great success with 35 people attending. Transport was offered to those who required assistance and we were grateful to the family and carers of those who needed specialist transport for organising this. Many thanks to Jane for organising the room and for the all the volunteers who served the meal and generally helped out during the afternoon. No doubt the highlight of the afternoon was the entertainment by the children of St. Benedict’s who lead the carols and Christmas songs and then shared Christmas jokes with the pensioners. Thanks as always to the teachers from school who give up their time at a very busy time of year.

Parish Workers Social

Not discussed

St. Raymond’s Church

Following the temporary closure of St. Raymond’s Church since Nov. 2017 due to the structural cracks in the floor, alternative arrangements for an extra Sunday Mass at 9am at St. Benet’s have been in place and this has been well attended.

Costings for the necessary repair work have been received. A questionnaire was circulated to those who normally attend the chapel to offer various options which are to be considered and to seek the views of parishioners.

Sacramental Programme

The sacramental Programme is more than half way through and the attendance of parents and children has been excellent. The children received their First Confession last Tuesday evening (6th March) and will come together to celebrate the Passover on Holy Thursday. The Parents will join in the Parish Maundy Thursday Celebration.


Retreat Saturday 28th April 10am to 2pm

First Holy Communion MAY Sat 5th and Sat 12th at 10.30am

Thanksgiving Mass 24th June at the 11am Mass

30 children completed the programme.

Faith in Action Programme

There are 8 candidates this year from St. Benet’s church as well as the Year 6 pupils from St. Benedict’s.

The church will pay for a retreat at Lowe House run by Animate on 2nd July at Lowe House.

The children will give regular updates at the Sunday Masses as part of their Reflections.

Health & Safety/First Aid

The Annual Health and Safety check has taken place by Kevin Harvey. Maureen to organise Log Books for contractors and PAT testing on electrical equipment.

First Aid: Emergency First Aid course to be organised through St. John’s Ambulance. Lists will be placed in the sacristy for people to sign up.

Defibrillator: The proposed purchase of a Defibrillator to be available for the church and the club will not go ahead.

Side Chapel

To be discussed at a later date.

Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev Philip Carr

Information so far:

7th July at 1pm: Celebration Mass at the Cathedral celebrated by Archbishop

Malcolm. Coach to be arranged from St. Benet’s

8th July at 3pm: First Mass followed by refreshments in the Parish Centre

8th July at 11am: Normal Mass at St. Benet’s

Fr. O’Reilly Trophies

Nominations were accepted for Primary: Anthony; AJ and Ellie

Secondary: Rebecca and Catherine


Booking forms are available from Fr. Bruce for the 3 day CONFERENCE ON 7th/8th AND 9th SEPTEMBER


Data Audits to be completed by the end of May and handed to Fr. Bruce

Date of next meeting: June 8th at 7pm